There are hundreds of different fabrics available for Roller Blinds. Before choosing the fabric for your project, we consider many factors. Do you want to blockout the light?  Do you want daytime privacy or do you want to keep your views? Plain or textured fabric? What direction does the window face regarding heat and light?

Colour is another consideration; lighter fabric colours reflect the sun and are cooler, whereas darker colours absorb the heat and can transfer the heat into the room.

Other factors are - availability, local content, durability, and price.

We have researched the marketplace and considered all these factors. 

Action Blinds offer you a wide selection to choose from.

One of the companies we regularly use is Texstyle fabrics; they have a large range of fabrics and colours, in block out and woven screen.

Texstyle fabrics offer 5 & 10-year warranties with fire retardant and cleaning specifications available.

Let us help you choose from our range of fabrics

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